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As well as starting to walk

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
As you all know we celebrated 12 months (as a forum) back in April, I also noticed a few other interesting stats. Bear with me...


  • If you type Vintage Movie Posters into Google we rank the number one vintage movie poster forum - about #36 in the actual rankings, but still...
  • Yes, you could search for Movie Poster Forum - but for the life of me I can't see why anyone would think ot type that
  • We've banned over 300 users...spammers
  • We're not that far from our 200th actual (legitimate) signup
  • We reached a milestone a couple of months ago of 500,000 page views and we've also had over 1,000 discussions and in excess of 20,000 comments
  • Now, 500K in page views might not sound like much, but in the early days we were just getting going so naturally the numbers will be low but as we gathering steam we are averaging around 50,000 page views and over 2,000 comments per month - and increasing
  • Some of our most popular discussions of ALL time (as in the most VIEWS) have been (and despite the sad lack of comments, there is no way would anyone have guessed the #2)

And in the past month some of out more popular (most views of all time) discussions have been:




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