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Are you on Facebook? Here's how you can share the forum discussions

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
edited July 2015 in Welcome

How To Enable Auto-Social Share To Facebook

Facebook Automatic Social Share allows members to connect their Facebook account. Once this connection is done, you have the option to publish discussions and comments right to your Facebook timeline.


A community member can edit their profile and connect Facebook in their Social Tab.

Click on your profile (Avatar) and then to the left just below the map you will see a drop down arrow, choose 'Edit Profile' and then on the left side menu, click the 'Social' button


When you click “connect” next to Facebook:


You will be shown this permission screen:


Once permission is given to you and Facebook, whenever a community member creates a discussion or a comment, there will be a share to Facebook checkbox.


Checking the automatic social share button will post the content to your community and their Facebook stream at the same time:


That’s it!  Now it’s very easy for you to share content to Facebook.



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