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Where do I get materials?


  • I was having my breakfast this morning (a shakeology and a hardboiled egg) and was wondering where does Cinemasterpieces get their black Masa paper? They offer black masa paper as an alternative to white for posters it would seem to fit better with.  Have you ever seen a site that sells black masa paper? It seems to give some posters a cool/different look. 

    I did a few google searches (I'm not the best at searching) and haven't seen it. And Dario, please chime in as well if you've seen it or used it. Thanks!
  • What the hell is a shakeology?
  •  So nothing regarding black masa paper, David? :angry: ...:wink:

    Shakeology is a (I hate to use the phrase, "meal replacement") shake I make each morning using a powder mixture of Protiens, Fiber, Vitamins, Antioxidants, etc. I'll post on the food thread how I make mine...

    Now back to the black masa paper?
  • Black masa...interesting. Got any pics of it being used?
  • Hi Mark,

    Never seen it, never looked for it.

    Probably all cool thing if you want a bit of a different look.

  • Thanks Dario, the only place I've seen it offered is on Cinasterpieces. And nearly every fine paper website I've gone to sells some of black paper, but no masa.

    @Matt. Yes, here is a sample picture from Cinemasterpieces, but they now state this service is, "No Longer Available." 

    I guess if you wanted to pay extra & extend your frame out beyond the poster border, it would show contrast on certain posters, otherwise the linenbacked posters I've had framed don't show the masa paper. 

  • It is probably just a black acid free sulphite paper.  Probably not traditional masa...
  • Interesting, thanks. 
  • New site I found for a nice variety of papers. Prices look good.

  • edited December 2015
    Nice site - shame I don't have yours or Charlie's skills (or time) to be able to use it!
  • It is all on the forum... Here is the direct link to Talas mylar:
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