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EMP this Sunday auction... almost squared up

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 125 ✭✭ One-Sheeter
edited April 2014 in Dealer Feedback
This sunday EMP is auctioning off quite a lot of posters showing some nudity. As you are surely aware I have been campaining (pretty much in isolation!) against the use of white squares to hide peoples modesty for the purpose of presumably avoiding a holy war.

Here are some of the highlights/lowlights from the auction:

Ooops, a hair is out of place:


The 2nd lady must be miffed she is not worthy of being covered up:


At least we managed to cover up this poor lady's double virgina (I assume she has such)


Well you got the boobs, but what about downstairs?:


Horray, one poster completely slipped the net:



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