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Missing 1970s daybills

PanchoPancho Member Posts: 583 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
I'm genuinely shocked about the number of (relatively) new daybills that I have never laid eyes on. All of the films listed here had 35mm prints passed with an R rating between 1971 and 1981. Where the Hell are they? Please, PLEASE let me know if you've ever seen daybills for any of these:

- Book of Numbers
- Thumb Tripping
- Mantis In Lace
- Sweet Kill
- Toys Are Not For Children
- Prison Girls
- Astro Zombies
- House Of Lost Dolls
- Seven Women For Satan
- Country Hooker
- Love Exorcist
- Women Behind Bars
- Thursday Morning Murders
- The Erotic Experiences Of Frankenstein
- Satan's Black Wedding
- The Brood
- Terror (AKA Last House On The Beach)
- Criminally Insane
- Killer's Moon
- Trip With The Teacher
- Satan's Spectrum (AKA Asylum Of Satan)
- Three On A Meathook

...and there's plenty more! How can this many films from only a few decades ago be so hard to find daybills for?


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