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Backing Layers and more on Masa

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,223 admin
Ok so if you are in this thread you will need to know what makes up a backing....

Bottom Layer - linen (not linen anymore - although if you like to spend money, you can actually buy it) but today backers use raw cotton unprimed canvas.  The heavier the better, I use 12 oz canvas based on the recommendation of a well known restorer.  You can actually tell the difference when you hold a backing done in a lighter weight canvas, it will be rigid versus soft.  Once a backing job with cheap canvas is rolled it will want to stay that way and will be stubborn.  My 12 oz jobs do take some shape but come easily unrolled and laid flat.

Middle Layer - Japanese Masa paper, Acid Neutral, 100% Sulphite.  Here is a description from Talas: 

Machine made in Japan of 100% sulphite, neutral pH, and lightly sized. This paper is very versatile and reasonably priced. A strong paper with an even formation. Smooth on one smooth side and lightly textured on the other. Ideal for backing large artworks and also used for block printing and drawing. 

One thing that you will not know until it is in your hands, is that there is a front and back.  The front being textured and the back being almost shiny.

Top Layer - The Poster of course...

I'll talk more on Japanese tissues and potential uses of those in another post.
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