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Paperbacking 101

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,223 admin

Figure it's time to talk more about paperbacking.  I am falling in love with paperbacking vs. linenbacking.   I have also found a new paper that is not masa, called mulberry paper.  Where as masa is 100% sulphite, mulberry is 30% Japanese kozo and 70% sulphite.  It is known to have long fibers that make it very durable.  I have used masa before to paperback but something just didn't feel right about it after I took it off the board. Everything was fine but the poster always felt very rigid... This mulberry feels right...

So, steps to paperbacking:

Step 1:  Do everything you normally do to prepare a poster to linenback...

Step 2:  Have a solid surface or board with a water-proof finish (there is more to this board's surface - but a little mystery is fun) 

Step 3:  Using a polyester blend called Holytex (densities differ - I'll let you experiment until you find the one you like) paste the Holytex to the surface.

Step 4:  Paste the paper to the Holytex.

Step 5:  Paste the poster to the paper.

Surprising simple?  It took me a long time to work out all the materials because nobody documents this type of backing.

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