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Posters with stories behind them.

RickRick Member Posts: 810 ✭✭✭ Daybiller

You might wonder why I've got this poster framed. I've got a mint copy of the same poster but this one has special meaning. This came from the Terang Drive In on the night I became an Elvis fan, somewhere around 1973. My best friend was a big Elvis fan, while I preferred the likes of Elton John and Rolling Stones. He dragged me along with his parents to watch this concert film, which I remember was a double bill with Flaming Star. Elvis' performance of Polk Salad Annie came on and I was hooked and I never looked back My friend took this poster home and had it on his wall. In 1983 he died in the Ash Wednesday fires and the poster and his records went into storage. His father was also killed in the fires and I survived only by making a last-minute change of plans. His mum said i could have his Elvis collection but I couldn't face it. Years later, after she had died, I bought them off her second husband and still have everything here.
My first poster was also an Elvis poster from the Terang Drive-In - Elvis on Tour which i got when it was screened after his death in 1977.
Anyone else have posters that could never part with for sentimental reasons?


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