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Aussie Picker - Victorian Style

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
I had been contacted many many months ago by a guy who has been in the 'industry' all his life, mainly as a projectionist but also other areas, his 83 year old Dad had been a projectionist from the age of 14 (i.e the 1940s, as a junior learning the ropes).

Anyway, apparently they had a bit of a collection around at his parents they thought I might be interested in, including some movie posters.

Hell yeah!

So took my wife along, a decent drive and a good hour later we were there and there it was, collectibles - piles and piles and piles of it. It turns out the posters there were mainly from the '80s, he tells me all the old posters, many from the 40s (when his Dad started in the industry), but they were back at his place...another day.

Chatting away with his Dad, who had worked at many cinemas around the country, told me one of his first jobs at one cinemas was to burn some of the old posters that the cinema owner hadn't got around to dumping...and so he did. A lot of Long Daybills, including (he says) titles like The Jazz Singer, which he remembers because it was in a canister with the original movie reel which hadn't been returned. All burned.


As to the rest, well no doubt a picker's dream, so much stuff we didn't know where to look! Old tin toys, original Star Wars toys (several boxes of), unopened, movie props, at least a dozen collectible guitars, and so on.

Some of it was in the house, some of it was piled in the garage and some of it was in a caravan that was literally falling apart, and apparently there was a lot more stuff I might be interested in the bungalow but it was quite overgrown and they had to get rid of the snakes first...


So I've got to go back and I've still got to see the stuff he has at his place and he has given me a lead on two other old projectionist collectors - so who knows. 

Anyway, a really nice guy, superb host and wonderful parents - nice way to spend the afternoon.

My wife did a bit of picking, grabbed an old Maspro 2,000ft movie reel, Dad said it dated from 1946, dunno. Either way my wife liked the look of it and so the old man gave it to her. They're not worth much but still, made for a fun end to the day for my wife.

So other than that, I took a few pictures of some of the stuff I saw - thought you all might enjoy it...

Just SOME of what was in the back room

LOTS of Star Wars toys, in original boxes!

In the garage

In the Caravan - I couldn't get into it too deep.

A couple of old movie reels, 13,000ft - stands about 3 feet tall, have a clutch system

My wife's successful pick.



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