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Reacting to Other People's Posts; Earning Badges

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edited April 2014 in Hey Newbie...
Badges: We can't think of a good reason why we award badges other than why not?! Badges appear in your profile, simply click your Avatar and click each badge for a description, they also can be seen by other members when they check you out!

Reactions: When you post other members can either comment or they can simply press on of the Reaction buttons below that post. In terms of reacting to other member's posts, well which 'reaction' you use really depends on the content and how you feel about it too, but we recommend keeping a couple of points in mind: negative voting will get the attention of the mods, so please use it wisely, especially when it comes to 'flagging' a post as spam or abuse.

Here's a list of the reaction buttons and how they work:

Points are awarded for positive contributions and subtracted for posting off-topic or abusive comments. Reactions have a numeric value: most Reactions will add 1 point or subtract 1 point to the member’s reputation score. Moderators have special Reactions that can add or subtract 5 points.


Award Badges: Users can receive badges for receiving positive Reactions such as ‘Like’, ‘Agree’ or ‘Awesome’. 

Bury bad comments: Comments that get negative Reactions can be collapsed and greyed out. The default threshold is -5.


Use your power wisely

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