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Two Ways To Know If An Australian Daybill Was Printed For New Zealand Usage.

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,337 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

   This information on two ways to tell if an Australian daybill was printed for New Zealand only is a guide to help people that may be thinking that they are acquiring an original release Australian daybill and not wanting one meant for New Zealand. Most people may know the first example listed shortly below and perhaps some the second example as well but I am wanting to record it here for the record.The most obvious way of course to know is in the lack of the Australian censorship rating and in some cases of course the New Zealand censorship stamp or snipe applied for N.Z to the poster is a giveaway.

The second tell tale sign is the absence of the Australian distributor's name, but if this is the case for 100% proof of a N.Z. release you need to also have the previous mentioned missing Australian censorship as well . The missing Australian distributor without also the missing censorship means nothing as sometimes and particularly with  small independent distributors the distributors names were left off the posters printed and used in Australia..

Examples of both is I'm All Right Jack ( 1959 ). The Australian daybill has the Australian censorship rating on it and the British Lion logo / BEF logo appearing where as the Australian printed Robert Burton daybill aimed for New Zealand is minus the Australian censorship along with the Australian distributor. The Lion International film line has been left on the poster as Lion film Distributor ( N.Z. ) Limited was the New Zealand distributor.

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