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The Hottentot ( 1929 ) Rare Australian Long Daybill

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,264 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

                  The Hottentot ( 1929 ).

Currently being auctioned on Bruce's website this poster is a rare poster and one with some history. This is the first poster, Australian or from anywhere else, that I have seen First National Warner Inseparable Service printed on a poster along with A Warner Bros. Picture. In September 1928, control of First National passed to Warner Bros into which it was completely absorbed November 4, 1929. By 1930 when Mammy ( 1930 ) the Al Jolson film was screened the daybill poster for it had only A Warner Brothers Production printed on it. What I like also this poster is the mention of 100 p.c. Talkie, along with the poster being designed by Wynne W. Davies and  being printed by The Forrest Lithograph Co. Sydney who's credits you don't see too often on Australian posters. Apart from this daybill the only other paper I have been able to spot is a lobby card and two b & w stills with no actors credits, so the poster is rare. A point of interest is the film is considered ''lost''. I have left the best for last as there appears to have been a printing error on the poster. Edward Everett Horton had his first name incorrectly spelt as being Eddie and on a U.S. newspaper Advertisement for this film it is Edward and all poster advertising around this period of time for Horton is was always Edward and finally IMDB doesn't show the name Eddie as being used in this film.



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