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The Australian Superior System for Poster Grading

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
edited November 2016 in Movie Poster Authentication
In a hobby that has as many as 10 different movie poster grading systems The Australian Superior System for Poster Grading was introduced by Australian movie poster collectors for Australian movie poster collectors. It takes the mystique and confusion out of movie poster grading for both the uninitiated, the newbies and the old guard.

So accurate is this system it has been agreed by international movie poster sellers and auctioneers to be officially adopted into practice in 2017.

The A.S.S Poster Grading System
Beudy - #$*^%*! me, how good is this?!
Dinkum - #$*^%*! ripper of a poster.
Grouse - It ain't fair dinkum but it's #$*^%*! good.
Bodgy - Not cactus yet so #$*^%*! grab it now.
Cactus - Pretty much #$*^%*! up paper.
Dunny - This is shit paper.

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