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Spill. A short film by Aaron Ellis

MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,423 admin

Two young guys, Aaron Ellis and his cousin Lester Ellis came over to my place last night to pick up a couple of posters from me. Upon opening the front door Aaron presented me with the daybill from their short film Spill. What a lovely way to greet a collector.

We spoke for just under a hour about posters. I gave them a few tips and pointers. But what was great to see was their enthusiasm for the history of vintage film posters.

Here's an article from Star Weekly

Lester Ellis Jr and Aaron Ellis Picture Kristian Scott

Heartbreak has turned to elation for Altona Meadows film director Aaron Ellis and producer, his cousin Lester Ellis Jr, who could go all the way to the Oscars.

Last year, their nine-minute film Spill was shortlisted for Tropfest just before the iconic international short film festival was cancelled because of a funding shortfall.

Now, the film has been selected for numerous film festivals, giving them multiple shots at winning an Oscar.

Spill will be screened as part of this month’s St Kilda Film Festival, which is now an Academy Awards qualifying event.

Award-winning films from the festival will be eligible for the Short Film Awards and Documentary Short sections of the Oscars.

The film, shot locally at Altona Green Primary School, is about triumphing over bullying. Mr Ellis wrote the script based on true events that happened to him in the same schoolground 16 years ago.

“It’s gone way further than Tropfest and further than we ever could have dreamed,” he said.

“It’s a blessing in disguise because since then we have been accepted in to the Toronto International Film Festival, which is one the top three film festivals in the whole world, which is also Oscar accredited.

“Myself, Lester and the whole team at Welcome Stranger Productions are so proud that our homegrown Aussie film is having such an impact and resonating with audiences worldwide"


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