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The Universal Horror Film That Wasn't.

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The Brute Man  ( 1946 ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

''Although produced by Universal Pictures , the company was in the process of a complicated merger with William Goetz's International Pictures ( merger completed July 31, 1946 ). To complicate matters , J. Arthur Rank 's United World Pictures had a hand in the studio's management since the previous November, when this picture was still in production. With the impending change in management, studio brass dictated that ''B'' pictures would no longer be produced. As a result, this poorly made low-budget horror film became an embarrassment and it was sold to notoriously cheapjack PRC Pictures after completion.( IMDB trivia ).

Universal Pictures production number 1479. Universal number retained on production and publicity stills even after the sale of the film to PRC Pictures.'' ( IMDB trivia )

In England, the rating of H ( Horrific ) was created specifically for this film, and no one under16 was allowed to see it.'' ( IMDB trivia )

In all my researching I cannot find any proof that the film was ever released in Australia due to possibly being banned or maybe just not picked up for release here, as many PRC titles were rejected by the distributor due to their poor quality.

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