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Tomb Of Ligeia

HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,337 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

                                                                                                                            Tomb Of Ligeia ( 1964 ). The above daybill on the left is now considered as being from the first Australian release in the 1970's, post November 1971, due to the censorship rating of M appearing on it. The X rating version daybill, with a mistake made on the daybill, was most likely copied from G.B. material containing the X rating. The actual Australian release in Sydney was on October 3,1969, which would have had a Suitable Only For Adults classification rating appearing on any posters printed for this release. The question now is - ( A ) Does another daybill with a Suitable only For Adults censorship rating appearing on it exist ? and ( B ) was the daybill on the right printed with the incorrect censorship error  in 1969 or on the 1970's ? 



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