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40x60 Bruce Lee Fist of Fury

jp77jp77 Member Posts: 4 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
hello new guy here, I've been collecting signs for awhile now and have a couple posters.

I came across this 40x60 Bruce lee fist of fury poster, after 5-6 days of searching and searching I could not find another one. I saw some 27x41 1 sheet I guess, but no 40x60.

I was hoping maybe someone here could help me out with some information on it, also a estimated value on it. Is it something we should have insured or not type thing, it's got some damage around the top edge and bottom edge.

It appears to have never been folded no fold lines, has some wrinkles but looks like it's only been kept rolled up.

The bottom says 1972 Copyright National General Pictures Corp. Property of National Screen Service Corporation, and not to be sold or give away. Also has some numbers bottom right corner and top left   - Fist of Fury 73/112 And Printed in the USA at the bottom.

Any information is much appreciated, thanks.
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upload pics to internet


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