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Up for grabs: RARE HALLOWEEN 4&5 double feature item, Rare STAR TREK item, MORE

MonsterAGoGoMonsterAGoGo Member Posts: 60 ✭✭ One-Sheeter
This is my first post if this is in the wrong area, i apologize. I'm NOT a dealer, just a collector. A while ago I sent a bunch of stuff off to eMovie for auction. It was my first time and, well...the results were mixed (and really, they were NOT the best posters). I never "advertised" them here when they were actually up and running. Oops. Last night I saw a note on another poster site from a member and his auctions on Heritage that are running now and thought, "Oh, yeah. Duh! I should have mentioned mine."  I only have a few items left to go in the batch I originally sent out. They are up for grabs NOW. It's just before Christmas and they are floundering. Granted they are not the most exciting of items, but one item is really rare/collectible and there's another that's also kind of hard to find as well. Take a look or don't:

ENCOUNTER IN THE DEEP: (Spanish)A country of origin poster for the sci-fi UFO/Bermuda Triangle/Aliens flick that riffs heavily on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

ENTER THE DEVIL:  The low-budget '70s satanist film made in the desert "It's too late for exorcism". I'm guessing its low budget also caused it to have smaller than usual one sheets as i've never seen a proper size one sheet for this. Whatever.

STAR TREK: THE MENAGERIE: I don't know what these things are called. They are the little strips with the title on them they place over the doorways to the theaters. This one is kind of rare. It's for a 2-night showing of a 2-part episode of the original "STAR TREK" TV show on the big movie screen. Before I knew this was for sale this week, I had flipped through the listings. I didn't even see it in there as it was so small (compared to posters or whatever). No bids. Great for the STAR TREK fan out there who THINKS he has everything.

HALLOWEEN 4 and HALLOWEEN 5: (double feature) Here is another of those doorway things i don't know the name of.  This is for the super rare HALLOWEEN 4 & 5 one-night double feature re-release in only 250 theaters. SUPER RARE/HARD TO FIND. Again, i completely missed this as I was flipping through the listings because it is so small. I sent this in hoping it would have been used in the Halloween auction--NOPE. No one sees this in the auction it is in now and there are NO bids on it yet either. ARGH!

You can read about the fate of my other posters and the prices they fetched (or DIDN'T fetch) here:


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