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Monster A GoGo's Shock-O-Rama Poster Show

This is my first real post on here.  I'm on another poster site that I love dearly...but other's have urged me to check this place out, here I am. The recent unpleasantness on Photobucket (blackmailing people to cough up money to allow their years of stored photos to be visible again) is one of the reasons I came here (just in case the other site ever goes dark). It's also the reason i started my own blog with my poster acquisitions and with "recreations" of my previous poster posts on that other site (a project that is still ongoing...UGH!). You can visit the blog HERE.  But here is the latest post (i.e. first post here) for my recent purchases.

Grab your popcorn. It's time for the most recent update-a-go-go of my movie poster acquisitions. While this bunch is a lackluster batch for the most part, there are a couple (towards the bottom) I am excited about. Take a gander, if you please---or DON'T.

THE WIZARD OF OZ (3D re-release):

Here is the PG version of the recent WIZARD OF OZ IMAX 3D re-release. I have several copies already, but OZ is a classic and hello? This was only $2. How could I say no? This and the next few below were overlooked bargains from a recent auction of Rich's. Thank you, Rich.


This was possibly the WORST flick in the AMITYVILLE series...until everyone with a camera started making their own movies. UGH! Still, as bad as this flick is, I did NOT have this video one sheet (although I do have the boring British movie theater one sheet). I just needed this to round out my collection---but could have done without it. it was only $5.

STAR WARS (Special Edition trilogy re-release advance):

I am no big STAR WARS fan. I saw the original (4-6) trilogy in the theater but only saw one of the prequels (1). I did enjoy the last two new films though and will probably see LAST JEDI (but not during the first crazed few weeks). I bid the minimum bid on this (and my other wins from Rich), thinking I'd surely be outbid on all of them (I was outbid on several other things). Somehow these were overlooked. Really? I thought anything STAR WARS was a must have.

STAR WARS (trilogy DVD release promo):

Again, how did STAR WARS fans not go for this? Lucky me. I guess the Force was with me?


Quentin Tarantino's sponsored re-release of a 70s grindhouse classic otherwise known as "THE JEZEBELS". I have a copy or two already. Great exploitation art...even if it is a re-release.


I have a penchant for vintage kiddie matinee posters. Just in time for Christmas, here's another kiddie matinee poster---this time for a Christmas-themed mishmash. O' the poor children who had to sit through this crap. I'm sure they must have thought they were all on Santa's naughty list to have to be forced to endure this flick. Ha!


Here's an oddity I...uh, needed. Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever...  Laura Gemser, Edmund Purdom, Stuart Whitman, and Woody Strode altogether in a cannibal flick? WHAT!?! I just tracked this movie down on DVD (under the INVADERS OF THE LOST GOLD title---what kind of LAME title is that, other than something trying to rip off the first Indiana Jones flick in an awkward way). but I have NOT seen it yet. Sure to be awful---hopefully cheesy, too.CHOMP!


Here is a sleaze classic I've been pursuing for a long while--"DRILLER KILLER"! Ha! This late 70's schlocker came with two styles of posters. One is black and has an evident "R" rating. This one (blue) features doodled drill bits going through the photos with cartoon blood oozing from them and is clearly NOT rated. The late 70's / early 80s were a great time for these unrated films---like the original "DAWN OF THE DEAD", "MANIAC", "ZOMBIE" and this flick. A lot of theaters, including a few where I grew up, treated these flicks as "R" material instead of reading the "No one under 17 admitted" blurb on the posters. Otherwise I'd probably never have gotten in to see them. (I had to drag my grandmother along to get in to see "DAWN OF THE DEAD". She hated it and walked out in the first 15 minutes or so and waited for me in the lobby the rest of the movie. Ha! What a cool lady to do that, though.)


I've long been curious about the O.S.S. series, ever since seeing one of the posters for it. It looks like a James Bond knock off, but by debuting in 1958, it pre-dates the Bond films by several years (but not the Bond novels). I've never seen the films. Maybe someday? Nice poster though...Bond knock off or not.


Wow! Wow! WOW! Am I ever super-duper thrilled about this one. The other day, I happened to stumble on to something. It was a mention of a new movie about the last two bizarre years of Jayne Mansfield's life...when she was dating Anton LaVey (the leader of the Church of Satan). YES, that really happened. Anyway, there is a new bio about her coming out called MANSFIELD 66/67. The poster below is the better of the posters being used for the film. Notice anything about the poster (aside from Jayne and Anton)? Hello? The artwork was done by SHAG! (If you don't know SHAG... visit his website here: )

I found the official website for the film and wrote to every email address I could find on it, begging and pleading for a copy of the poster. I got this response:

Our distributor sent us your email about our Shag one sheet poster. That was done exclusively for our festival run and we only have 2 left from the official Shag sanctioned printing. We need to keep one for our office but could let the other go for $200. Let me know if that works and give me your address. We are leaving for NY for a week tomorrow but I could get it in the mail today if I hear back. You can PayPal me at ############.

It looks amazing in person!



I responded with:

Hi Todd.

$200!?! Zowie! I had NO idea, but I LOVE the poster, I LOVE Jayne and I LOVE SHAG. When will your movie be out in wide release or on DVD/Blu-Ray? I MUST see it!

I'll send the money now.

Thank you so much.


So I sent him $200.  It's a first run SHAG print of the poster and obviously super rare. SHAG's first (?) movie poster. I can't afford it---but I couldn't let it go either.  And isn't the title clever, having the "666" all be in diabolical red? Ha! Yahooooo!

That's it for this post and for 2017. I hope you all have a happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and have a fantastic new year filled with adventure, success, romance, wonder, laughs...and incredible posters.

2017 is TOAST!

CHEERS, Daddy-O!


  • edited December 2017
    Great first up post...welcome!
    1. You're not a Star Wars fan?! That is perfectly normal, people like us we must band together, the force we be strong in us if we do. Wait...
    2. Fantasy Fair - great poster. Grats
    3. The story behind the Mansfield 66/67 poster is awesome, and a great poster too! The 50s/60s style of Shag is very cool. I had to look up the doco, looks interesting
  • Fantastic first post. I loved reading it!!!
  • David said:
    Great first up post...welcome!  THANK YOU. I'll need to poke around a bit more, learn how this place works. But I like it so far.
    1. You're not a Star Wars fan?! That is perfectly normal, people like us we must band together, the force we be strong in us if we do. Wait...  NO, I'm not a fan. Gasp! I have NOT rushed out to see the new flick yet...If I get to it, I'll get to it. 
    2. Fantasy Fair - great poster. Grats  WHAT!? Someone else out there actually LIKES my kiddie matinee SANTA poster? Ha!
    3. The story behind the Mansfield 66/67 poster is awesome, and a great poster too! The 50s/60s style of Shag is very cool. I had to look up the doco, looks interesting  I totally dig SHAG and JAYNE and I sooooo want to see this movie. I also HAD to have this poster. Glad you liked it also...and thanks for the trailer. Awesome!

    Matt said:
    Fantastic first post. I loved reading it!!! Golly, Matt. I appreciated reading your note. THANKS!

    Merry Christmas to all!  CHEERS!
  • Yes fantastic first post!  Welcome.
  • Charlie said:
    Yes fantastic first post!  Welcome.
    THANK YOU for the welcome as well, Charlie. Merry Christmas. CHEERS!
  • Congrats Shawn!

    BTW what/when/how inspired your unholy lust for the undead?

  • "BTW what/when/how inspired your unholy lust for the undead?"

    Hey Mel. I dig the image you attached. I like all kinds of genres---but prefer the horror stuff. I don't know why. 

    That leads me to this...


    I recently backed an IndieGoGo project. It is for a projected horror movie that will bring Carolyn Munro, Martine Beswicke, Veronica Carlson and Christopher Neame together to a pseudo-sequel to Hammer's "THE GORGON". I pledged $50, but in addition to a DVD of the finished film, that pledge also gets me a copy of the nifty poster. Zowie! Poster whore that I am, I went for it. Plus I like helping out projects like this now and again. I just thought I'd share.

    For more details, you can check here: https//


  • I know no one cares, but I neglected to mention that the poster art is by Graham Humphreys. The fact that the film maker sought him out to make the poster in the first place (which I'm sure was not cheap) says a lot, I think. The director (Joshua Kennedy) IS crazy young (23 !?!), but has many low budget films under his belt. Some are available on DVD from Amazon, others I've seen on Youtube (I have not finished watching it yet, but there is an homage to the "Airport" films there, "Airline 79", that has been clever and competent thus far. Sure, the acting could be better, the sets (folding chairs for airline seats?) are shoddy, and the music is all "borrowed" from old disaster movies, but this guy wrote it (lots of great "in" references), directed it competently, edited, starred in, etc. On  a shoestring budget---and it shows---but you can also the promise there. I really want him to get a shot with his GORGON flick with the old Hammer stars. I'm so curious as to what he'd do with it.
  • For everyone's viewing pleasure: Airline '79

  • Ha! Thanks for posting the movie, David. I got to finish watching it. Low budget, bad acting, mostly all early 20-somethings, but you can tell they really tried. CHEERS!

  • Hi there. Happy New Year! I've got a new post for the new year---but instead of starting off the year with a BANG, it looks like it will be more of a WHIMPER. There's not too much to get excited about in this batch. but let's take a look...


    I've never seen this movie, but I probably should. I DO have it on DVD, but just never got around to it. I know it was a big budget flop-a-roo from the producers of the SUPERMAN series in the 70's/80's. That alone should make it worth a look. Hmm. But I got it for the Christmas aspect, should I ever want to do the living room in total Christmas posters one December. Whatever...



    "COMA" is a very serviceable little thriller from the 70s. that played for years and years and years. It always seemed to be a co-feature with something at the walk-ins and the drive ins. The image of the bodies hanging by wires is kind of cool/freaky. I'm sure I have this poster tucked away already (maybe several copies). This was a lot purchase, but I don't mind this extra copy.



    I remember when this came out. Part "Star Wars", part "Indiana Jones". It did NOT hold up well during a recent re-watch, but the poster is fun. I do love the tag line: "You have to be there to see it." Ha! Another lot purchase that I probably already have several copies of. 



    This is also a lot purchase. Normally I wouldn't have bothered posting something like this notorious dud. However, take the quickest of glances at the poster. If you just looked quickly and then looked away, it's almost impossible to see who is who...Travolta and Tomlin look virtually the same in the poster. Ha. That makes me laugh. 



    Poster for the cult hit flick that inspired a brief TV series of the same name. I think I also have several copies of this--but what is one more?



    "THE SWORD IN THE STONE" was an animated Disney flop. This re-release boasts the addition of "WINNIE THE POOH AND A DAY FOR EEYORE." Nothing classic but a Disney? It might be worth something down the road...or NOT. Hmm. Bad call. Oh well.


    THE VAN:

    Yahoo!  Here is a piece o' vintage 1970's drive in sleaze... "THE VAN". Crown International was one of the rulers of the T&A drive in circuit in the 70's. How fun to have this old poster.



    This was a pretty nifty little chiller back in the day. It's largely forgotten now. The poster could have been better, but you gotta the graphics of a crypt blowing open from the inside with a pair of hands crawling out. Ha! Someday I'll have to track this flick down and give it another watch...



    Ahh, the BIGFOOT sub-genre. Ha!  I saw this way back in the day on a double bill with the horror comedy "ARNOLD" (which I liked soooo much better). 


    Finally--the best for last--I scored my 2nd "JUNGLE JIM" poster, "CANNIBAL ATTACK" starring Johnny "Tarzan" Weissmuller. I have never seen a JUNGLE JIM movie, but these posters are hard to get a hold of. (And I thought snagging the old Tarzan posters was difficult...)

    Okay---that's it for now. Not such a great kick off for the year. However it can only get BETTER from here. 

    Have a great 2018. 

  • Cannibal Attack is a beauty. Congrats Shawn!
  • Matt said:
    Cannibal Attack is a beauty. Congrats Shawn!
    THANK YOU, Matt. I've only had two poster posts here...and they have really been weak. I'm glad you appreciated the one poster though. Thank you for saying so. I do have some nice ones (and a lot of junk as well. Oh boy!). I'm trying to move posts about my entire collection to my blog (which I've mentioned before), which cane be seen here:

    There really are better things in my collection. But thank you for visiting. I appreciate it.
  • I like the Disney, Sword & the Stone piece!
  • I like the Disney, Sword & the Stone piece!
    Ha! Really? If you really like it, consider it my gift to you. REALLY!  It has not actually arrived and is not yet in my possession. However, send me a private message and I will gladly send it to you if you'd like.   Ha!  Seriously---it's YOURS!

  • I’m liking your style... Keep posting!
  • Definitely keep posting bro..entertainingly! 

  • Hi there. This isn't a post about new acquisitions (although I do have one I am working on). This is just a general update on a few posters I've recently framed...and my sharing about an auction house's mistake that has me so bummed out.

    First, let me say hello to and thank CHARLIE and SVEN for their kind words. Thank you both for visiting the thread and leaving a note.

    Now on to the mistake... (UGH!)

    On December 3, 2017. I "won" the unrated blue-style poster for "DRILLER KILLER".  I mentioned it in my post on Dec. 23rd. Hooray! Here it is again below:

    The holidays and life in general got in the way and it was only last night (January 23, 2018) that I finally got around to opening some poster packages that had arrived in the last few weeks. One of them was the "Driller Killer" poster and...  That's NOT the right poster! Oh my stars!

    Here it is about 6 weeks later and...argh! I just now discover the auction house people sent me the wrong poster. The black R-Rated style was also up the same day, but I didn't want it and didn't even bother bidding on it. On my invoice it even says "Unrated", which is obviously NOT the one I got.

    I sent a note to the auction house (through their "contact us" link). It's been less than 24 hours but no word yet. I'm sure whoever got mine was thrilled and will never give it back. Waaaagh! What else can I do though? I'm so bummed. Just my luck...

    In other news, I finally got around to framing my "AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN" poster:

    It is now hanging where it belongs, next to the sequel poster "WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST":

    I also got around to framing my re-release of "ASTRO-ZOMBIES":

    It is now hanging in my bedroom where I also have an original release of "ASTRO-ZOMBIES" hanging on a different wall.

    That's it for now. Thanks for looking.


  • Hi Mel. I've had WAR for a while and for the longest time I had "ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE" up as its companion on the wall. Then I got off my butt and unpacked/framed "AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN" and got that up. But I agree...WAR is the better of the two posters.  Thanks for visiting.
  • Colossal Man posters are fantastic! Both are sweet! Think I like Amazing better though....maybe it's the air planes I'm drawn to....
  • Hi Eisenhower. Glad you dig the COLOSSAL posters as well.  Thanks!

    Yesterday I posted about an auction I had won and how I had received the WRONG poster from the auction house. I was crushed.

    So, I went to the auction house's website and sent a note through their "contact us" link. I wrote:

    Hi there.

    I know this is probably way too late to fix. I was just opening some packages I hadn't gotten to and one was from you. On Dec. 3, I won the unrated blue style of the DRILLER KILLER poster. As I was opening the package this evening, I noticed it was the black R-Rated style. UGH!  I don't suppose whoever got the blue one returned it, did they? ARGH! I realize mistakes happen, but UGH. 

    Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thank you.

    I didn't hear anything back for more than 24 hours. However this morning, I received this response:

    Hi Shawn,

    I am so sorry to hear that. Let me look into it and I'll get back to you asap. I dont handle shipping.


    About an hour after that, another response popped up:

    Hi Shawn,

    Scott is out at the moment but from our records it appears that the buyer has never paid for it. So I will have it pulled and shipped to you.

    Sorry for the error but at least it will have a good resolution. I very much appreciate your business and support.

    Many thanks,

    Wowzer! I was so excited. But I sent this response:

    Shall I send the black one back then? Where do I send it? 


    And I heard this back:

    No just keep it with my apologies.


    To which i responded:

    Zowie! Thank you so much! Very kind of you.


    It IS a happy ending all around...and I get a BONUS poster in the process. Ha! THANK YOU so much! (I'll refrain from saying which auction house it was as I do not want to give them any BAD PR for the mix up in the first place. But I am just thrilled with the outcome. Sooooo nice of them.


  • Hi there! Jeepers! I can't believe it is February already. What happened to January? Geez! Anyway, it's time for another post. Unlike the last two or three years which have been pretty awesome for me, 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty mediocre poster year. But really, right now I do not have a lot of time (or money) for the hobby. Whatever. Here are the latest acquisitions:

    HAPPY DEATH DAY (Advance):

    I sooooo did NOT need this. I never bothered to see the movie. But this was super cheap and an easy way to get a new poster fix. Whatever...


    This is a god-awful ugly poster. It looks like a crappy movie. Why did I buy this? Well, some 'lurker" on here stumbled on this and sent me a message about it. He thought I might want/need it. Not that the poster was in anyway attractive (it's soooo NOT), but he thought I might appreciate two other aspects about it. Can you guess which? The first (and most obvious) is the verbiage. "WOWIE! ZOWIE!" I say that all of the time. The other thing was that it is a "Shawn International Release," (Shawn is my ---gasp!--real name).  It was only $6. Why not? Thank you, Lurker Matt!


    The commercials on TV for this looked so cool. I wanted to see it badly back then as a kid back in 1976. This poster came up for bid and I went for it. I was the only bidder...not surprising since it is a movie no one remembers (or seems to). I still have NOT seen it...but I am pretty sure I've purchased several copies of this poster over the years. Ha!


    Nothing I needed, but I dig the poster...sort of. JIGSAW? What is this, SAW 7 or so? I DID see the movie. Hmmm. It was a SAW movie. Nothing great. Not the worst sequel ever, but certainly not original either. The poster is creepy though. Cool.


    I love a gimmick...especially vintage 1950s 3D. I couldn't pass this one up.

    SKYFALL (International):

    I paid way too much for this poster, but I like it over the other two US versions I already have. Love my James Bond. Did I need this? No...but...

    BEYOND THE DOOR (Italian 2F):

    Some may say this poster is not that fab. Others would say the movie itself is not all that fab. "Beyond the Door" is a guilty pleasure of mine. I really dig it. Yes, it's a combo rip-off of "The Exorcist" and "Rosemary's Baby"...but it was filmed in San Francisco/Sausalito, which I know well. And there are some shots of the city before the 1989 earthquake---like the freeway that was on the Embarcadero (that is now gone). Plus it has Juliet ("Nanny and the Professor") Mills and Richard ("The Haunting"/"Zombie") Johnson. Zowie! I've been trying to steer myself away from foreign posters again---back to my US one sheets...but I have been looking for one of these for several years. Snagged! FINALLY!


    Although I have yet to see the movie, I have long wanted my "cousin" poster for the name alone.  Having the phrases "Murder to a Wild Watusi Beat" and "featuring...the Go-Go-Girls" makes it that much more fun. Go! Go! GO!!!


    You gotta love the old drive-in B horrors. Whoo hoo! How fun...but does the poster (gasp!) give too much away?


    I have the one sheet for the other half of the "Phantom Monster Show" re-release double feature, "Son of Frankenstein" (which looks very much like this poster with the son laying in the place of the bride). I'd have much rather had the yellow version with BOTH films advertised...and there was one available not so long ago, but another collector asked me NOT to bid---so I didn't. (Another will come up or perhaps not. No big deal.) This one came up and I got it. It's in rougher shape than it looks here, but...  I'm still delighted with this. Any Universal horror is a great thing to obtain (even the re-release stuff). I have so very little of it.

    Okay kids. That is all for today. Thank you for visiting and taking a look.




  • SVEN, CHARLIE and MONGO: Thanks for taking a look and commenting. I appreciate it.

    It's poster time again and...ho hum. Do I really have anything worth looking at? Not this time. But here are ten new ones (to me) if you want to waste some time taking a gander.


    "WINCHESTER" was not a great movie. It was ho-hum horror at its best. However, i am familiar with the Winchester Mystery house, having been several times and having lived near it as a small child. I had to see the movie. I also decided to get the poster. Of the two styles, I opted for this one--which showcases the house instead of Mrs. Winchester (Helen Mirren). But really--nothing exciting here.


    I am not a STAR WARS fan, but if something Star Wars-y comes along at a decent price, I'll buy it as I know how the prices on Star Wars stuff can get. End of story, one this really.


    See above--although, since these were both inexpensive, I probably made a bad call? I know fans do not like the new "first 3" movies. I saw the first one (with Jar Jar Binks)--and avoided parts 2 & 3.

    THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (British Quad):

    No idea what this is. It came with the poster below it in one lot.

    ROLLERCOASTER (British One sheet):

    I have a soft spot in my heart for this thriller. One of only 4 films ever released in the great gimmick SENSURROUND, I have the two US styles of one sheets as well as an early publicity style with different art work (which was also used on the novelization). I had not seen this style of art before. While it's not all that interesting, I still went for it. Why not?

    JAWS 2 (Shark Facts):

    I was in Washington the last two weeks visiting family. All I had to "shop" with was my phone. GRR! I WISH I had a larger screen to better see this image and the missing paper in the upper and lower corners. I'd have passed on this. However, I didn't see them until it was too late and after I had spent far more money on this poster than I should have. Drat! It IS a rare style and i did not have one before...but I'd have rather waited and gotten a better copy. Drat.

    THE MUMMY ASSASSINS (? Mexican):

    I have no idea what this is---but it looks like a silly mummy movie from south of the biorder--I'm sure it's awesomely awful-fabulous! 


    No idea about this movie---but I've seen the poster go pretty high some times. Why? No idea---but when the chance to get a copy came up---I went for it. Why not?


    Just a better copy than the one I already have.


    The best thing about this movie is its exploitative poster. I've seen this flick--quite a while back. NOTHING like the scene depicted ever happens. It may be a "Harry Novak" production, but it's a weird Jean Rollin film. Wonderful grindhouse sleaze....I couldn't resist.

    That's it. I told you there wasn't much to see.,

    Thanks for taking a look anyway.


  • Caged Virgins poster  is cool!
  • Mexican posters are great! Well, except that they all generally turn to dust afterwhile. :(

  • edited March 2018
    Hi SVEN. "CAGED VIRGINS" is my favorite poster of the batch. I'm glad you like it, too.

    Rockabilly777: Mexican posters are great. There are THREE I desperately want---but they are so hard to find and are so damn fragile. Glad you like the one i scored this time. CHEERS!

    Not that anyone cares, but I'll just throw these out there. Here are links to more "recreations" of posts on another site. Take a look if you like--or don't.  (I'll spare you and just post 5 of them):

    <a href="" title="Link:"></a>

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