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It's a new year and we are making some changes!

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,613 admin
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Happy New Year!

As we head into the new year one of our founding members David has asked to step back into a very limited role with the forum.  We have discussed this among the "Amigos" and although we are sad to see him move away from a leadership role, we understand his reasoning and wish him the best.  I doubt he will really be able to keep himself away... ;)  Matt and I will of course stay on far into our old age...

This led us to seek a new third "Amigo" and after some careful deliberation and discussing what type of member and personality is needed to remain fair and balanced, we found that one member stood out.

So as we move into the New Year, Matt and I are excited to announce that Mark aka Eisenhower has been asked to become a moderator/admin and he has agreed!

And although we know no one will ever replace David, we look forward to the future with Mark and hope all the members will welcome and support him in his new role!

Congratulations Mark! 
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