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Once upon a time in the west uncut version!?

theekannetheekanne Member Posts: 6 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
I got this British quad poster recently from Irish cinema

Have spent hours looking for info on net ...does not seem to exist ...browsed auction histories sellers all over the world
strangely it is dated 1968 before the main poster was released in 1969
anybody who knows anything about it
thanks in advance!


  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
    theekanne said:

    strangely it is dated 1968 before the main poster was released in 1969

    The original release date was 1968 not 1969 so it won't matter what year the movie was seen all posters will have ©1968.

    Given the poster says "The First Showing of the Original Uncut Version" that suggests it is a subsequent release (to the original release) - ergo a re-release. However, according to IMDb the movie was first released in Ireland in 1970 (even though it was released in England in 1969), so it is possible it is a first release for the Ireland.

    This off the net:
    "According to most sources, the original version released in Italian theatres had a running-time of 166 minutes. In many other European countries the 'complete version' only reached cinemas in the course of the seventies."

    Our resident Quad expert @Paul will surely be able to confirm.
  • theekannetheekanne Member Posts: 6 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Thanks David
    I only read what it said on Wikipedia 
    just odd not to find poster image anywhere since it is such an icon in European film history...
    but than again I have a couple other posters that I can’t find record of
    One is a poster of Niall Jordan’s first movie Angel completely different from main quad
    and than I have a double quad of tron -different image from US version...
  • PaulPaul Member, Quad Master Posts: 1,635 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    edited January 2018
    The double A, was a later release after 1970, as that's when they started using the double A cert. The film was originally released in July of 69 as an A cert, with some cuts. So the poster is definitely from the re-release. No early showing in Ireland.

    The Copyright date will be the original date from when Paramount copyrighted the film.
    It's more than a Hobby...
  • theekannetheekanne Member Posts: 6 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Thanks PAUL for the info
    must have been a very “small” re-release since nobody else seem to own this poster
    I will probably sell it at some stage since Western is not my thing...
  • LAMPLAMP Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Hi theekanne,
    According to British release records, the film was originally released on July 2, 1969 with a length of 167 minutes and 6 seconds and with an 'A' rating. 

    It has been released 3 additional times to the theaters, May 25, 1982 with a 'AA' rating running 167 min 6 sec; May 10, 2000 with a '15' rating running 165 min 12 sec; and August 30, 2011 with a '12' rating running 167 min. 

    There have been 4 video releases, 2 by CIC and 2 by Paramount and all shorter versions.

    I hope this helps,

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