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Television Episodes Shown Theatrically In Australia Posters



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    HONDO said:


    All above six daybills were printed for the original Australian theatrical release.

    Daughter Of Mine original U.S.A. television publicity material above. The Stars Don't Shine was part of the series but a daybill image hasn't been located, but the above Australian newspaper advertisement is proof of it's release here in Australia.

    The Ford Television Theatre half hour versions ( 1952 -1957 ). There were 195 episodes shown on U.S.A. television. The series was produced by Screen Gems hence Columbia Pictures handling the theatrical release.

    The titles that I am aware of that obtained a theatrical release here in Australia are -

    Edge Of The Law ( 1952 ) 
    Sunk ( 1952 ) 
    Emergency ( 1953 )
    The Ming Lama ( 1953 )
    Tangier Lady ( 1953 )
    Daughter Of Mine ( 1954 )
    he Stars Don't Shine ( 1955 )

    To date I have located that seven titles out of the original 157 episodes of the series were released in Australia, in it appears in the later half of the 1950's. It is possible there may have been some others also released here, but due to the brevity of the running times, any records are near impossible to locate. It appears that the only way of establishing any other titles is if any other daybills or newspaper advertisements turn up that I will be able to identify titles as being part of the series. This certainly appears that this will be the only way of establishing any more titles

     Margin For Fear ( 1953 ). From the above Canberra, A.C.T. 1958 newspaper advertisement this title from the series located. Does anyone have a daybill image?

  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,208 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
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    More to follow.
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    Coming soon Casablanca ( sorry no Anita though ) and Ford Television Theatre.
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