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Role Suggestions

MattMatt Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,465 admin

Everyone one this forum has what is called a "Rank". So basically when you join you'll see next to your avatar and handle (name), you'll have a rank. Eg Mexican Lobby Card, One sheeter, Daybiller, Three sheeter, Elite Collector and Grande 2P. Based on how many posts you have.  

You'll have noticed that Paul is the Quad Master. Dario is the Restoration Yoda.  Rich is the Tea Lady. Charlie is the Game Master. These are roles we hand out for fun. Based on either expertise or taking the piss. Sorry Rich.

So that said. If you have any suggestions for yourself OR someone else. We'd like to know. You can have up to 2 roles. 1 of Expertise and 1 of "Taking the piss"



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