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August 2018

theartofmovieposterstheartofmovieposters Member Posts: 4,093 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
edited July 2018 in Recent Acquisitions
I almost posted in the July thread!  Need that first coffee.

Nothing earth shattering but a few interesting ones (for me anywho).

Knocked off a couple of daybills I've been after and added some other perty ones:

City Beneath the Sea - Australian Daybill - MATT I shall be enlisting your services again re this prepared :)

I have the one sheet, the 3 sheet and now the daybill (yes I have issues - Mel/Rick can I join your club???)

Wild Geese Calling Australian Daybill

Um'd and ah'd for way too long...bit the bullet.  I am surprised no one else pounced on it while I was procrastinating

Bright Leaf Australian Daybill

Image may contain 3 people hat and text

On the wants for AGES (I don't know why) but never prepared to pay the asking price.  Finally got it for a price I can live with :)

Revenge of Frankenstein Daybill

Image may contain 1 person

I mean it's self explanatory right...why WOULDN'T you want to add it to your collection!

Scared Stiff RR daybill

No automatic alt text available

A recent acquisition post from me wouldn't be right without additions to the aussie cinema sub-collection:

First bit of paper on this one:

Dangerous Game Argentine One Sheet

Image may contain 1 person

Piano RR Quad

I mean really?  Someone felt the need to remake it???  REALLY!  And I didn't even know it existed till I got the one sheet!  

Storm Boy One Sheet

Image may contain 1 person text and outdoor

There is a proper one sheet out there for this me finds it peoples!

Occupation One Sheet

Image may contain one or more people and indoor

Really want to see this one.  I seem to be coincidentally amassing a new subcollection.  Posters for films about art!  Funny how things you enjoy find there way into other aspects of your life...When I have more time, I'll pull them all together and post.  

Hitler Versus Picasso One Sheet

No automatic alt text available

My Deadpool poster collection is almost complete.  Late comer to it so a couple of variants from the first film to go.  I quite like this one.
Will go up in the theatre room along with the Indy one for THX which should be lurking in the mass of one sheet SOMEWHERE!

Deadpool 2 DOBLY One Sheet

Image may contain 8 people people smiling

I dunno, it just grabbed me.

American Animals One Sheet

Image may contain one or more people and text

There...that should shake you out of this daybill obession you all have.  I mean really.  What is wrong with you people ;)



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