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Sorcerer (1977) Style B One-Sheet?

chucktatumchucktatum Member Posts: 3 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Hi there,

I recently ordered a folded "original one-sheet" of William Friedkin's "Sorcerer" from eBay and this is what it looks like (not the exact one I have; I found this image off emovieposter): 

I took this to an experienced poster dealer to get his thoughts. He said it looks sketchy to him, that it could be a reprint or a pirated version because there's a) so much white space at the bottom, b) missing an NSS tag, c) no NSS number, d) the color and size of the title is different than the more popular one-sheet (with red lettering for the title). 

I did some further research (mostly on emovieposter) and found this version labeled by some sellers as the "Style B." Some copies have a "Style B" printed at the bottom (like the photo above) and some don't. Mine does not. But mine does have a very small GAU logo at the bottom and its printing looks sharp. 

In short, based on this information, I'd like to know if what I've got is truly an original poster. I figured "Sorcerer" wasn't popular upon release and therefore wouldn't be a title that would be reprinted/bootlegged but, hey, I'm still relatively new to collecting vintage posters. I just want to make sure I'm getting originals. 

So a few more questions:
--Does the absence of the "Style B" text at the bottom indicate that mine is a later reprint or a bootleg? 
--If what I have is indeed a legit original - do you know if it's more or less valuable than the "Style A" with the red lettering for the title? 

My sincere thanks! Any help is appreciated. 



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