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Posterfix "Special Glue Agent"

Chris on Posterfix mentioned in a "Kill Bill" linenbacking video he uses a "special glue agent" to his wheat paste to reduce airbubbles when mounting a glossy poster.

Any ides what he's referring to?


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    Can’t imagine a “special glue agent”…. 🤦‍♂️ smoke and mirrors?….

    In all his videos I’ve seen-I’ve never seen him deacidify or bleach a poster. He just lays them down dry most of the time. 

    Couldn’t guess what he uses. 

    My advice-
    1-stop watching his videos 
    2-read the chapters on the subjects you have questions for in the Book and Paper Group-American Institute of Conservation. *time consuming, yes, but worth it. 
    3-Read all the restoration threads here-a little scattered but still it’s all there. 
    4-read Charlie’s excellent roadmap of his journey to linenbacking and restoration at the All Poster Forum. He has provided nearly all the details. And quite frankly-I think its still the best “how to” to get a grip on this fun hobby. 

    Best, Mark
  • My guess is the buffer. Technically you should buffer the wheat paste with Calcium Carbonate to provide longer life to the backing. This also acts a smoothing agent and desiccant.
  • Thanks!

  • Will methyl cellulose work as an adhesive versus wheat paste?
  • I’ve only used MC a few times and only as an infill compound. That said, I think it does act as an adhesive, but from my understanding it’s not as strong and i certainly wouldn’t use it as a substitute for wheat paste where wheat paste is traditionally used. 

    I’m sure @Charlie can clarify much better than I can. 
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