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Would It Be Worth Salvaging This Disney Poster?

I recently rediscovered a promotional poster for Disney's Hercules that I've had since childhood. A family member used to work for Toysrus and gifted me this poster which I assume was used at the store. It's completely folded up, the corners are ripped and taped up and it has pieces missing around the edges. As a complete amateur, I would grade it Fine at best. I can't seem to find this specific poster on ebay or on the poster databases I know of. I can't even find it on google search. Would it still be worth holding onto for its' rarity even in its' condition?

I forgot to add pictures:


  • Hi, Its not a huge title so while it might have some value, it wouldn't be huge I would think.
    I'm not a disney collector, but perhaps someone else in the group can chime in on what it may be worth.
  • Original release posters are $10 items at auction.  Video releases generally aren't worth much.  Possibly there is a rarity factor if it was a ToysRus exclusive release, but I doubt you could get even $10 in that condition.
    Enjoy it or toss, I'd say
  • Thanks guys!
  • I would hold on to it even though it might not be worth much. Its probably quite rare and condition doesnt look too bad.
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