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Star Wars Trilogy 1sh - Rarest of Star Wars Posters

naominaomi Member Posts: 35 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder

One thing very nice about eMoviePoster auctions is when their lot descriptions provide story of ownership and provenance. This item's description explained the owner was a former Fox exec who visited the UA 150 theater in Seatle where the Trilogy was shown and obtained the poster (1 of only 18 printed!) on the last night of the run. Such a wonderfully timed find for him!

What struck me about the auction most was that past the 10K threshold bidding was exclusively between just two bidders from 10K to 22,500; It still amazes me to see the impact just two battling bidders can have on price. It's anyone's guess as always but does anyone feel this Star Wars Trilogy poster would have / could have ended at 10k if one or the other of the bid warriors would have been absent or not bid? When 12K is added due to bid war (instead of several bidders) it makes valuation even more difficult to quantify than usual.


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