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James Bond Posters & Alien Posters

AdamCarter1985AdamCarter1985 Member Posts: 22 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
edited July 2014 in Wanted to buy
My Wants List

So most of you know I collect James Bond posters, but what a lot of you won't be aware of is I have started collecting the Alien posters (again!) to break up the Bond collection a little - yes, sometimes I do get bogged down with all the Bond gear!

This is what I will look at:

James Bond Franchise
Dr. No (1962) through Skyfall (2012) - I will consider any material from around the world.

Alien Franchise
Alien (1979) - Any material from around the world.
Aliens (1986) - Any material from around the world.
Alien 3 (1992) - British Quads.

Pre-1990 gear
If you have anything that is rolled (or unfolded as some say) then this would be great.

*I will not buy cereal boxes (yes, I have been offered these countless times), magazines or trade ads.

I am very up front and straightforward with my purchases.
If I am buying for my personal collection, I will always tell you and pay a little more.

Please drop me a line by personal message or email if you can assist me in my search.

Thank you,


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