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Disney Easter Eggs 1-30

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Easter eggs are pretty cool, and I'm not talking about those things you hunt for in April. I'm talking about media-based Easter eggs, the ones you hunt for in technology. Most companies have little gems hidden throughout their media. One in particular is Disney, that corporation we all know and love for providing us some of our favorite childhood memories. They have characters from other movies hidden away, having viewers search them out. Some are obvious and others not so much. How many of these have you noticed? 

Here are 30 hidden Disney characters in other Disney movies.

1. The Little Mermaid

During King Triton's entrance, you can spot Goofy, Mickey, and Donald. 
The Little Mermaid -
via deviantART

2. 101 Dalmatians

During the Twilight Bark scene, Lady and Tramp make an appearance.
101 Dalmatians -
via Eggpedia

3. Aladdin

When the Sultan's toys appear in Aladdin, the Beast is one of them.
Aladdin -
via imgur

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

See the three circled? Can you guess who they are? It's Magic Carpet from Aladdin, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Pumbaa from The Lion King. 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame -
via Denden

5. 101 Dalmatians

On the far left, the older dog sitting in the basket is Peg from Lady and the Tramp. 
101 Dalmatians -
via Image Shack

6. The Great Mouse Detective

Alice in Wonderland's Bill the Lizard is part of Ratigan's gang. 
The Great Mouse Detective -
via Wiki Disney

7. The Little Mermaid

During the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid, you can see The Grand Duke and The King fromCinderella. 
27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 12 -

8. Brother Bear

Do you recognize that little guy? That's Nemo from Finding Nemo. 
Brother Bear -
via Finding Mickey

9. Oliver & Company

Below, you'll see Trust, Peg, and Jock from Lady and the Tramp. 
Oliver & Company -
via Finding Mickey

10. The Black Cauldron

At first, you might not realize who that is, but it's actually Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. 
The Black Cauldron -
via Finding Mickey

11. Oliver and Company

That's Ratigan, from The Great Mouse Adventure, and Scooby-Doo. 
27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 19 -
via Fanpop

12. Hercules

The slain Nemean Lion in Hercules? It's Scar.
Hercules -
via Funny Zela

13. The Princess and the Frog

In the opening scene of the movie, if you look carefully, you'll see Aladdin's Magic Carpet.
27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 23 -
via Fanpop

14. Tangled

That circled little fella is Pinocchio. 
Tangled -
via deviantART

15. Lilo & Stitch

That's a Dumbo stuffed toy. 
Lilo & Stitch -
via Disney Connections


  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
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    Disney Easter Eggs 16-30

    16. The Princess and the Frog

    This isn't a character showing up in a Disney movie, but an impersonation. That's Louis imitating Madam Mim from The Sword and the Stone.

    The Princess and the Frog -
    via RJ the Cunning

    17. Tangled

    Three classic Disney movies appear as books while Rapunzel and Flynn read:
    - Sleeping Beauty by the window.
    - Beauty and the Beast on the ground.
    - Little Mermaid on the side table.
    Tangled -
    via Fanpop

    18. Oliver & Company

    That's Princess Aurora from Aurora.
    Oliver & Company -
    via Disney Wiki

    19. The Princess and the Frog

    That's King Triton from Little Mermaid as a Mardi Gras float.
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 35 -
    via Disney Wiki

    20. Tarzan

    Does the kitchenware look familiar? That's Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. 
    Tarzan -
    via B Plus Movie Blog

    21. The Rescuers

    Those two deer you see are actually Bambi and his mom. 
    The Rescuers -
    via Disney Boy

    22. The Princess and the Frog

    Mama Odie throws around some items while singing "Dig a Little Deeper," one of which is Genie's Magic Lamp from Aladdin.
    The Princess and the Frog -
    via B Plus Movie Blog

    23. Lilo & Stitch

    That poster in the back of Nani's room is actually a Mulan poster.
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 43 -
    via B Plus Movie Blog

    24. Beauty and the Beast

    This one blew my mind. Those signs read: Anaheim and Valencia. Why? Because Anaheim is where Disneyland is and Valencia is where the California Institute of the Arts is located, which is where many Disney artists went.
    Beauty & the Beast -
    via Disney Screen Caps

    25. Treasure Planet

    That's a stuffed version of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 47 -

    26. The Fox and the Hound

    That's Wart, in squirrel form, from The Sword in the Stone.
    The Fox and the Hound -
    via Disney Screen Caps

    27. Lilo & Stitch

    That's the ball from Pixar's Luxo Jr. in the background. If you don't know who that is, look at the picture below. 
    Lilo & Stitch -
    via Disney Wiki
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 52 -
    via Pixar Wiki

    28. Aladdin

    That's Sebastian from Little Mermaid.
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 54 -
    via Disney Wiki

    29. Wall-E, A Bug's Life, and Brave

    The pizza planet truck, according to Huffington Post, is almost in every single Pixar. Here it is inWall-E, A Bug's Life, and Brave. Note: Wall-E was 
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 57 -
    via Daily Mail

    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 59 -
    via Eeggs

    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 61 -

    30. Ratatouille

    This is my personal favorite. See the shadow? Does it look familiar? That's Doug from Up, which was released TWO YEARS after Ratatouille. 
    27 Hidden Disney Characters in Other Disney Movies 62 -
    via tumblr

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    Can't wait until Marvel and Star Wars characters start showing up...
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    edited September 2014
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  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
    CSM said:
    Can't wait until Marvel and Star Wars characters start showing up...

    Captain America : The First Avenger Easter Eggs

    General Stan Lee
    Around the middle of the movie, after Cap takes the super soldier serum, he is introduced to the military officers. One of the generals is played by the comic author of Marvel, Stan Lee.

    Captain America Comic Book
    In Captain America:The First Avenger, after Steve Rogers is given the super soldier serum and goes on to sell war bonds. 
    In that sequence, you can see Captain America in a movie, on posters, selling war bonds, and in a comic book. The cover of that comic book was the cover of the first issue of the real Captain America comics.

    picStan Lee's Military Action
    In the new Captain America movie, watch the scene where Captain America (Steve Rogers) is supposed to get the Medal of Honor but doesn't show up. When the short guy comes out and talks to the president, Stan Lee (the grandfather of Marvel) makes an appearance and says "I thought he'd be taller."

    picMarvel #1
    It takes place during the scene when Steve Rogers & Bucky go to the World's Fair. In a shot where they show the entire landscape of the fair, there is sight of a human figure in red tights in a glass chamber...the original Human Torch! It's the Torch that made it's debut in the very first Marvel Comic...Marvel Comics #1.
  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,307 admin
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    Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope Easter Eggs

    I've Never Heard That Number in a George Lucas movie
    Go to where Han Solo and Luke are in Stormtrooper suits and are pretending they captured Chewbacca to save Princess Leia in the Death Star. When the people there ask Han what detention block, Han replies "Detention block 1138." THX 1138 was George Lucas' first film.

    picStar Wars Movie Poster in Movie
    At the beginning of the movie as the rebel blockage runner approaches the screen (Leia's ship), you can see the Star Wars poster in the cockpit. The modelers thought this was a cool thing to do and Lucas ok'd it. Enjoy!! 

    This is hard to see on a TV; you can see it on the big screen when they released the Special Edition.

    Destroying Bounty Hunters for Profit
    When the heroes go to Mos Eisley cantina,look behind the bartender.ig-88`s head is being used as a drink container!

    picEmpty Head
    In the Mos Eisley cantina scene, there is one shot of a small, mousy looking creature being handed a drink by the bartender. When he turns his head sideways, you can see through one eye and out the other.

    1138 Reference
    When Han, luke and Chewie are about to rescue Princess Leia, Han speaks on the radio to the Imperials and Cellblock 1138 is mentioned, a reference to George Lucas's first film THX 1138

    Another THX Reference
    The first car you see drive by in Mos Eisley is from the Movie THX-1138.

    Dice in Millenium Falcon
    There are a pair of metallic dice hanging up in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon right in between Han and Chewie.

    The Outrider
    When Ben Kenobi and Luke are standing on the hill overlooking Mos Eisley, a ship will fly off in the upper right corner of the screen. That ship is Dash Rendar's Outrider, which readers of the book Shadows of the Empire will know.

    Hidden Jawa
    In the beginning of the film when Luke Skywalker is knocked out from a Tuskan raider and you see R2-D2 hiding among the rocks, you can see two glowing eyes hidden to the right from a Jawa.
  • PaulPaul Member, Quad Master Posts: 1,636 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Stan Lee has been in all of the Marvel films...

    Liking some of the Disney stuff, some I'd seen and just thought they were re-using images. I knew about some of the Star wars ones, but not the poster....I'll have to look for that one. 
    It's more than a Hobby...
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