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Fast Flip Falcon

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,246 admin
edited September 2014 in Holy Crap! It sold for...
This is an interesting one, I am sure it happens quite a bit but this was one poster I had some interest in until I had a closer look and decided condition was king and I didn't bother. It was on linen, it had been "restored" and was rated as Very Good+ - I think the "plus" was a bit over the top...

It sold on July 20 2014 for $388.38 (at the Signature Auction)
It sold again on Sept 14 2014 for $567.63

I don't think it ever left the 'store' because the exact same image was used. I guess we could hypothesize as to why it was turned around and sold again, I might have said the buyer didn't pay for it - but then that doesn't see right as one's credit card is held on file, so no such thing as a bad debt there, right?

Of course it could be a fast flip - but why bother for about $40, seems a bit risky.

The poster itself was in OK condition, too worn for my liking for a poster that had been 'restored'

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