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Australia: One Big Ass Country

DavidDavid Member Posts: 10,230 admin
edited January 2015 in Everything Random!

1. Australia is big. REALLY big.

Australia is big. REALLY big.


3. Australia overlapped onto North America.

Australia overlapped onto North America.

4. One Big Island!

One Big Island!

5. NSW compared to Texas.

NSW compared to Texas.

6. Western Australia compared to Europe.

Western Australia compared to Europe.

7. Northern Territory compared to Alaska.

Northern Territory compared to Alaska.

8. Queensland compared to Quebec.

Queensland compared to Quebec.

9. Only 2% of Australia’s population lives in the yellow area.

Only 2% of Australia's population lives in the yellow area.

10. Australia’s population density.

Australia's population density.

11. Operational mines: no prizes for guessing Australia’s biggest industry.

Operational mines: no prizes for guessing Australia's biggest industry.



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