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Inaugural VMPF Poster Battle Bracket

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,557 admin
I am so excited that I thought of this.  We could get all the members on here, advert on the other forums and MOPO to drive up membership...

Basically depending on how many people we get to play, we would choose a themes for each week of the bracket, like horror, leading lady, sciFi, etc...  Double Elimination???

So for example if I was to go up against say David...

We would be given three options for Round 1 

Elizabeth Taylor

David and I would post our best three poster in those categories and the members would vote.  Now since I am thinking David doesn't have a quad that might make up for when he trumps my Cat On a Hot Tin Roof  with his french Cleo double panel...  But there would be one vote for the three posters.  

Round two may be.

Bella Lugosi

What do you guys think?  I can setup up the category and we can make threads with voting options for each round.

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