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Need some advice on a poster I picked up.

ApipApip Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Afternoon all,

I collect antiques and vintage things and came across this today and had to buy it and I wondered if you guys and girls could help me out. 

I picked up a massive 2.2 meter x 1.8 meter Spanish version of To Hell and Back movie poster staring Audi Murphy. Although not in perfect condition, its an amazing piece, but not one my wife would allow me to hang at home. In fact you would have to have some pretty big walls for this one.

What is strange is that some if it is hand painted! It looks like it was an original poster for 'To Hell and Back' (I can see the original text through the paint), but then for the Spanish market the Regreso del infierno and the surrounding area has been hand painted over the top. Would this be a normal thing to do?

Also it has brown paper around the edges. I guess this would be to protect and then removed when being hung.

Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,




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