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We've jumbled up our categories...

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,223 admin
I would like feedback from the member on how they interpret our category system.  I've been trying to sort some of HONDO's posts and am finding they could easily fit into two main categories.  The reason I even looked into this was be he was posting in a category that is hidden and his posts were only showing up in the recent discussions thread.

So we have a

Posters by Country


Poster Research/By Country

Due to the nature of most of these post being Australian related, I've created a new category under Poster Research called "By Country" so we could keep them all grouped.  Some of his post fit fine under the other Poster Research sub categories but some I think either belong in the "Posters by Country"  or "Poster Research/By Country"...  Just would like to hear some thoughts before I get too far into it.

I would like to keep it intuitive if at all possible.

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