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Some expert advice would be much appreciated

CooparMCCooparMC Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Hello to those who browse this forum. I don't know if this it the right place to post this but Ill go ahead anyways. If it isn't, please could you point me in the right direction. 

Having being born in the late 90's I know very little about late 50's and 60's films. However, I've recently taken possession of some vintage movie posters from that era from my grandmother. She hasn't died, rest assured, but I've been tasked with the goal of valuing and most likely selling them for a small percentage.  Now, I've looked around and I thought, what better place to ask than a place where a group of like minded people congregate to talk about the one thing I know nothing about.  I've have around 40 posters in varying conditions for a contrast of different films. I haven't included a certain James Bond poster in the list because I believe it may be worth a small sum of money to the right collector. Anyways, I'm going to paste a list I have created with the dimensions, title, link to the imdb or next best thing and also condition.  I have pictures of these, however, they will be uploaded if there is interest etc.

 40x30 The Quare Fellow ( Very Good
40x30 Cleopatra (Rex Harrison) x2 ( Good and Poor
40x30 The V.I.P.s (Elizabeth Taylor)x2 ( Good 
40x30 The Agony and the Ecstasy ( Very Good
40x30 War and Peace ( Very Good
22x28 Captain Sindbad ( Very Good
40x30 Waterhole 3 ( Good
40x30 Under the yum yum tree ( Good
40x30 Take off your clothes and live ( Good
40x30 The Carpetbaggers ( Good
40x30 The Errand Boy x2 ( Very Good
40x30 Doctor in Distress ( Very Good
40x30 Doctor in Love ( Good
40x30 Doctor in Clover x2 Very ( Good 
27x41 The Comedians ( Very Good
40x30 Flower Drum Song x2 ( Very Good
40x30 Father Came Too ( Very good
40x30 El CID x2 ( Good and Very Good
40x30 Dentist on the Job ( Very Good
40x30 And God Created Woman ( Poor
40x30 The Only Ones Planet Tour Good
40x30 Never Say Never Again (Theatre Stickers on top) ( Very Good
40x30 The gentle art of murder (Joseph E Levine Film, can't find on internet)  Good
41x27 Ringo and his golden pistol ( Poor to good
40x30 Behold A Pale Horse ( Good
40x30 Slaughter on 10th Avenue ( Poor to Good
41x27 Eye of the Devil x2 ( Good and Very Good
40x30 Expresso Bongo ( Very Good
40x30 Echo of Barbara ( Very Good
40x30 Carry on Sergeant and The Flame and the Arrow. ( and Very Good
22x29 Dime with a halox2 ( Very Good
41x27 The Wild Wild Wild planetx2 ( Very Good
41x27 Dime with a halo (different shot) ( x2 Good and Very Good
22x28 The biggest bundle of them all ( Okay
40x30 The Big Country ( Poor
40x30 Cowboy ( Good

Rating system is very rough but Very Good is slight wear and tear round the edges and goes through to Poor which means part of it is majorly ripped and/or missing. #
 If when I come to sell them, I would rather they go to people like your good selves who will appreciate them for what they are, so nearer to the time of selling, we'll work something out. I'm not looking to sell them right away, but indication of possible worth/rarity or if you have personal interest in any of them please let me know.

Thanks for reading, and Ill be keep an eye on this to answer any questions you may have. 


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