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Let's talk about masking for image restoration!

CharlieCharlie Member, Administrator, Moderator, Game Master Posts: 6,516 admin

So this may be an intermediate topic but a very important one for those that give into this insanity. 

Uses for Masking:

1.  You can use it to protect the paper support (masa) so as not to get the paper covered in paint...

2.  You can use it to block paint from getting directly onto an image.

3.  You can use it to confine paint to a specific area - like lettering and borders.

Types of Masking:

- Tape

- Frisket Sheets

- Frisket liquid

- Plain old paper

- Mylar or plastic sheeting (applied with tape or after a dusting of adhesive to make it stick)

Issues and Concerns:

- The tape/frisket sheet doesn't release and will rip off the image.

- Adhesive stays behind on the poster.

- You don't let your liquid frisket dry well enough and you rip off the image.

Which leads me to the meat of this topic - an experiment...  I have recently stumbled onto a top secret application that may provide additional support to the paper that would prevent image loss when a masking doesn't really release well.  So I've taken an old lobby card and divided it in half and treated the left side, while the right side stays untreated.  I then applied the many different types of tapes and a piece of frisket sheeting.  I will wait 48 hours and then record the removal.  Here is what it looks like right now:

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