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Son of Frankenstein UK 6sht, plus others...

PaulPaul Member, Quad Master Posts: 1,626 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
Selling this lot for a fellow I know.

It is for a UK 6Sht poster of Son of Frankenstein. It is from the first UK release in 1939. Staring Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Basil Rathbone. It was Karloff's last time out as the Monster. The film did usher in the second cycle of Horror films, which had ended with Draculas Daughter in 1936, partly due to a ban on Horror films in the UK. So not only a great Karloff and Lugosi film, a very pivotal one too.

The poster is extremely scarce, try finding a picture of it, never mind another poster for sale. Even the US 3sht version of this never comes up, and it is doubtful one of those exists. I have included Images from the UK, and US press-books for comparison.  

The poster is as close to fine as you would find on one from this period, the problem lies in the top portion of it is missing, and after coming up to 20 years of searching and re-search, I have come to the conclusion one does not exist. Hence the poster has been sent to Studio C in the US For linen backing and the top portion recreated and added, (I have included a pic of the poster prior to sending) it now displays extremely well.  So if your after that truly one off statement piece this is your chance to get it.

Also included in the auction is a part of the UK 12sht for Draculas Daughter, also from the first release in 1936; And the British made picture, The man who Changed his mind, another Karloff film also from it's first UK release in 1936. Whilst there's a few of these about, the Draculas Daughter again is a truly unique poster. This could also be restored as the Son of Frankenstein one has.

The posters are still in the States at the moment, but can be shipped back if they sell to a UK buyer.  Postage will be arranged after the auction finishes, and will be send F.O.C. 

It's more than a Hobby...


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