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Posterfix is a scam!!

SmittymagicSmittymagic Member Posts: 4 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
I have been using Sei Petterson for all my poster repairs and Sei is the Best....... I got an email from Chris Cloutier at who was going to give me a good deal on two posters. As it turns out and after digging for the reviews on this guy he is bad news. I sent him a $300.00US magic poster to get mounted and now he wont return my phone calls, emails or posters. He wanted me to cancel the claim with paypal which I am not going to do.....he wants more money to asend the posters back to me instead of using my UPS account and I would pay to have them shipped back. ...Here is the last email I got ..

I appreciate the business you sent our way with those to posters.
this morning my paypal balance was $about $100 and after yo filed a claim on me my balance is now -$170 or so.
I cant ship anything until i get some funds from either you are someone else. so all bets are off.
If you cacell the claim now, then i can complete shipment tomorrow.
otherwise i cant. also my shop computer is on th frotz- the computer fixer will come to ficx it thursday i am told. i am using a home computer at home right now. Please return the money and cancellthe claim asap.
my responces wll be delayed until i am at the home computer (as far as tomorrow is concerned)

here is the reviews I found but too late ....

Stay away from this guy.........and

As for Sei Petterson, Im sorry for not using your services and I will continue to use you and only you 


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