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NSS marketing posters

swampthingswampthing Member Posts: 1 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
Good day new friends! I am new to the forum and very new to collecting vintage movie posters. If I am in the wrong discussion board, please forgive and redirect.

I purchased (3) 17"x11" marketing posters this afternoon. I have no idea if they are original, but I think they might be as the color and stock "appear old" and NSS info is listed. There is nothing like them listed on the internet that I can find. Similar, but they are obvious reproductions or the size is different.

(2) are for The Day the Earth Stood Still
(1) is War of the Worlds

I posted the pics on my Facebook so please take a look if you have a chance.  thanks! 

If these are legit, the current owner has some behind the scene photos taken during filming. I'd like to get those too... :)


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