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Printer's Proofs

EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,342 admin
I've only got about 18-24 months of immersion in the world of paper, & have been reading as much as i can about it but still have some questions about Printer's Proof posters. - Another 1977 Star Wars Style D Printer's Proof is up for auction at HA. I emailed HA a few months about the fact that the "color test" was on the right side of the poster (when your looking at it). I have ONLY seen the color test strip on the LEFT side in all the samples I've seen on EMP. ---Questions: Are the color test strips only on the left side? ---- I only see printer's proofs for Star Wars posters & maybe one other title, are they common for other titles, decades? Thanks for any info....btw my email to HA about the Star Wars printer's proof went unanswered. Mark


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