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The Captive Heart

EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,342 admin
I bought this poster originally to use as a source for paper infill. I'm now going to separate it into 5 pieces to practice linenbacking it in prep to backing Blazing Sixes (which is in 5 pieces as well). Unfortunately I don't know which mailer it's in-so I went to EMP to see what the date sold was to try to locate it in my poster lair mess. 

I found a really cool variety of poster images for what I thought was a mild love story; as my Aussie 1 Sht seemed to imply. I think the other posters from a variety of countries are very cool. 

My Aussie 1 Sht

Aussie Daybill----just great colors!

Canadian 1 

French Med

US Insert R53

Spanish 1 Sht


US 1Sht

Japanese B3- might be the coolest design. 


  • SvenSven Member Posts: 2,282 ✭✭✭✭ Three-Sheeter
    Wow one moment a love the great escape! I wonder why such different interpretations
  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 8,264 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

    For these U.K. DVD & VHS covers the distributors decided to promote the War aspect of the film.

  • theartofmovieposterstheartofmovieposters Member Posts: 4,084 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
  • EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,342 admin
    Good images Lawrence-never would have guessed it had such a war/like Sven said "Great Escape" aspect to it. 
  • BruceBruce Member, Captain Movie Poster Posts: 946 ✭✭✭ Daybiller
    This movie is very interesting! Here is my description of it:

    "The Captive Heart, the 1946 (released in the U.S. in 1947) Basil Dearden
    English World War II (WWII) military prisoner P.O.W. melodrama ("Would
    you forge love letters to save your life?"; "The Strangest Love Story
    Ever Told..."; "He forged love letters - to save his life!"; about a
    group of British prisoners of war in a POW camp in Germany in World War
    II, and one of them is an impostor, who is actually a Czech
    concentration camp escapee, who is impersonating a British officer, and
    he is sought by the Gestapo; the impostor must write to his "wife", who
    he has never met, of course, and he is constantly fearful of being
    discovered and being returned to a concentration camp) starring Michael Redgrave, Mervyn Johns, Gordon Jackson, Jimmy Hanley, Rachel Kempson, Basil Radford, Jack Warner,
    Guy Middleton, and Jane Barrett.

    Note that this movie was made right
    after World War II, and most of it was filmed in Germany, in a
    reconstructed POW camp. It is the first movie made about World War II prisoners of war! In the movie, the impostor is only identified
    as being Czech, but because he was in a concentration camp, one wonders
    if he wasn't also Jewish, although that is not specified in the movie."
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  • EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,342 admin

    Good stuff, Bruce. I'd never read your site's review of the movie, makes me want to find the movie & watch it.

    Very interesting that it was filmed in German so soon after the war was over!

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