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  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 7,017 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
    edited September 2016
    A rarity in more ways than one. A reasonably presented poster with a mistake on it. The Gevacolor had long faded to black and white. No record of it ever being re-released in cinemas in Australia. Is it possibly a poster printed for a possible 16mm release ? Lots of questions unanswered about the poster so does this make it more desirable along with its rarity. Who knows? One was purchased by a member for around $115, some years ago. Hope this helps ?
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  • RandolphRandolph Member Posts: 2 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Thanks Hondo, that helped a lot. If it helps the mystery of the exact date it was released the daybill came from a small outback towns drive-in cinema. 
  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 7,017 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector
    Randolph said:
    Thanks Hondo, that helped a lot. If it helps the mystery of the exact date it was released the daybill came from a small outback towns drive-in cinema. 

    Thanks for that Randolph. Good to know it was released and this type of venue would be the only type of theatre bookings the film most likely received. Love to know when though.
  • HONDOHONDO Member Posts: 7,017 ✭✭✭✭✭ Elite Collector

    Without ever thinking much about it I had always thought Jedda most likely had a name change from Jedda to Jedda The Uncivilized for the release in the U.S.A., but I have recently discovered this not to be so. The British film distributor insisted that the name Jedda be changed for British consumption. Charles Chauvel believed one word titles carried more weight with film audiences and tried hard to convince the distributor that Jedda was the best title. After a wordy battle he finally compromised on their last suggestion of Jedda The Uncivilised. Printed around the time preceeding the planned U.K. release I found the following information - '' It now seems the film distributor has some highly colorful publicity material planned to emphasise the word Uncivilised.'' Looking at the U.K. quad of Jedda that Ves downloaded earlier, the poster is neither colourful or has the words The Uncivilized appearing on the poster. My thoughts only, but I am thinking the quad was printed before the name change was agreed upon, making this perhaps a rarer limited edition poster, printed and issued before the Jedda The Uncivilised titled versions were printed and distributed. The U.K. Front of house lobby card sets that I have sighted have the full title Jedda The Uncivilised printed on them. Just in case there may have been a query raised, I will jump in here and point out both the quad and the front of house cards are from the same first release of the film. It is evident then that for the U.S. release that followed in 1957 the Jedda The Uncivilized title was also decided upon for the release there as well, which I am sure would would never have been in doubt as American distributors always seem to prefer a more dramatic title.

  • blairoblairo Member Posts: 10 ✭ Mexican Lobby Carder
    Could also be the case of different distributors for the same film. For example, Sons of Matthew was shown as "Sons of Matthew" and "Rugged Oriordan's" by different distributors in the UK.
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