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A Christmas Story (1983)
"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"
Do NOT click here until December 1st because if you do you will be whomped up the side of your head
Woot! Santa is coming!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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  • Framing Posters - Hollywood Poster Frames

    A few months ago when my wife & I were looking to frame two movie posters, we wanted to find not only an affordable, but an archival, quality frame. We were pointed towards Hollywood Poster Frames by one of our very own from VMPF. 

    I visited the website and made contact with the owner, Sue Heim. After several emails in which Sue answered all my questions i sent my two linenbacked posters to her up in Washington. She did a fantastic job trimming the extra linen so the frame would match up perfectly, packaged and shipped the framed posters to an address in West Hollywood, California. All in time to reach the relative in time for their birthday! They were blown away by the posters and I couldn't be happier with the customer service and framing by Sue and her company. 

    Pictures sent to me by my wife's cousin. 

    Thanks again, Sue!
  • Re: The Christmas decorations are up

    Not sure this image stands up to Ted's Santa getting gored by one of his trusted reindeer, ...but here's a picture of the kiddos at night this past weekend up in Flagstaff, they loved the snow!

  • Re: April 2015

    Yes! Thanks Sven...I stumbled upon Charlie's youtube videos over a year ago while looking for info, found his thread on allpo, found VMPF, asked him & Fernando multiple questions & am finally getting after it tomorrow. Am only attempting a half sheet, but am hoping the results will be good! I will start a thread tomorrow to document my results...

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