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  • Re: Haul Breakdown

    Red Skies Of Montana I like and the first daybill image I have seen of this title, but why were 20th Century Fox so stingy with having credits appear on their posters. 
  • Re: March 2017

    HONDO said:

    No images and I like Audie Murphy posters.

    Any better Hondo? I was editing it to add in the General and everything disappeared, should be good now. 

    Perfect . The Three Hours To Kill daybill I have never been keen on as it partly obscures Donna Reed's lovely face. The W.E.Smith artist copied from the U.S. 3 sheet which is the same. Had they copied from the U.S. insert it would have been perfect as Donna's face isn't obscured at all on the insert.
  • Re: February 2017

    Bruce said:
    HONDO said:
    Image of George Reeves not as good as the daybill image, but nevertheless nice. Extremely rare, and of the four different Superman 20th Century Fox 1950's daybill titles, the first time I have seen an Australian one sheet of any of them.
    Not quite right. There were FIVE  compilation movies created out of episodes of this classic TV series. They were apparently solely shown outside the U.S. (which makes sense, since the episodes had been shown on TV in the U.S.), and we know that it is likely that one-sheets and lobby card sets were created for all five compilation features, but one-sheets from them are quite rare, and lobby cards are even more rare (which also makes sense, since lobby cards would have been far less likely to have been used in other countries). The titles were Superman in Scotland Yard,  Superman and the Jungle Devil, Superman Flies Again, Superman in Exile, and Superman's Peril. The only reason I know so much about these titles is because a pressbook was created for all five features, and I only once auctioned it, and it sold for $412!

    I hadn't said there were only four compilation Superman movies. I was only talking about the four titles with known daybill images available to see. Your archives show that an Australian daybill of Superman And The Jungle Devil was sold on 8 / 15 /2000. Unfortunately an image isn't available. Perhaps Bruce may be able to ask Matt if he is able to retrieve the image and instate it on the eMovieposter website and also post it here, as I am sure there are a lot of members that would be very keen to sight it.
  • Re: Nice price for the consignor

    Now the previously unseen daybill image of the Colorcraft version of Genevieve has appeared it all makes sense. Five versions indeed there were. The W.E. Smith version would have been the original version printed for the Sydney Australian release in 15 / 9 / 1954. The Colorcraft version, and seeing it appears Colorcraft only were active around 1954 and 1955 and perhaps a little later, along with the same billing plus with an adapted version of the W.E. Smith design, including the yellow section on the bottom left hand corner that seems out of place appearing, it would I believe have been a very early second printing.This leaves the three Robert Burton versions.Robert Burton only started to commence printing some of the of BEF product circa 1957 so the three they would have been printed at various times 1957 or later as follow up printings and possibly a re-release thrown in as well with the upgraded Kenneth More billing. 

  • Re: Val Lewton Missing Daybills ( and other Australian posters )

    If only I owned a copy...

    As for the Leopard Man I swear the late, great Lynaron posted a picture of the daybill framed but I cannot find the pic on any of the forums so maybe I am just dreaming about pretty paper again?  (It would help if the search on NS4 actually worked!)

    If you ever locate an image or any of the other five images you know what to do then.

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