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HereComesMongo ✭✭ One-Sheeter


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  • Re: September 2017

  • Re: New users, come on down!

    Octamanski, look forward to digitally perusing your MPs and about your name ....

  • Re: July 2017 2.0

    Mel 1.0 must-recovers....

    My favorite Italian 1P by a country mile (my iPad cut off the top annoyingly):

    One of of my favorite French 1Ps, pretty racy obviously but....

  • Re: Questions for Bruce-EMP

    So let me say something complimentary about EMP/BH.

    It's Loony Tunes easy to consign to EMP.


    In Round 1 I dementedly bought 1900 MPs.

    I tried reselling a few on eBay but freaking hated what it entailed.

    I actually had to take one minute to snap and post a few mediocre pics of the actual poster for sale instead of stealing a similar image off the Internetz as I preferred.

    I had bought boatloads of posters off eBay and had sent boatloads of nasty emails to the sellers about subpar shipping and undisclosed defects. I anticipated - and received - similar dorky emails from buyers.

    Every time I sold a poster I had to open my closet and be immediately pummeled by 500 collapsing poster tubes. I spent an hour cleaning up the fiasco and picked out one decent tube for shipping. I had to spend forever wrapping the poster, taping the caps, and addressing it to the poster nerd buyer. Finally, I had to drive my ultra-cool Mustang GT convertible to the local PO and deal withe usually-friendly but sometimes incompetent/hostile postal clerks.


    I started consigning posters to EMP from which I had bought a bazillion posters.

    For a milli-second I considered also consigning to EMP's main competitor, from which I had bought a cornucopia of posters. But it wanted me to sign a 10,000 word consignment contract and pre-approve all consigned posters with pics. Forget that.

    So I went with EMP. I simply rounded up 50+ MPs I was tired of and half-*ss packed them up in one of EMP's gorilla-proof tubes.

    I was far too lazy to include a letter discussing/itemizing the posters I was consigning. I just wrote "Consignor:AlphaMel1968" on the tube and shipped it off.

    33% of my consigned posters were mediocre/terrible, 33% pretty good, 33% rock star stellar. EMP never once commented on the quality of my consignments.


    Now that said, I would get the occasional odd email from EMP along the lines of "we have measured your 1S and it is .0001" short ru sure it is original?" I would usually ignore that email and EMP would sell it anyway.


    I ended up consigning 1823 MPs to EMP. Some sold for next-to-nothing, some sold well. But overall EMP resold them for the EXACT amount I had spent on the MPs, shipping, and lbacking them.

    EMP did charge me an overall 30% consign fee, which mildly irritated me. But I recognized that EMP had saved me a gazillion hours reselling them on Ebay etc. so the fee was really more than fair. 


    "Nuff said. Consider consigning to them....
  • Re: July 2017


    collectahollic said:
    Take 2! 

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