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  • Re: Graded Lobby Card

    I play a little bit in the shallow end of CGC collecting for comics, so I have a little understanding of value vs grade.

    Starting at 0.5 up to 9.0, the grades jump in 0.5 increments, with 9.0 - 10.0 moving in 0.2s. For comics, the difference in $$ between say a 5.0 and a 7.0 can be marked and collectors certainly appreciate the impartial grading of CGC, allowing them to know that a comic they're buying from 1,000s of miles away is of a certain quality and is genuine.

    A standard CGC grading is called a 'universal' grading and is recorded on a blue label. They also have a 'restored' grading which is a purple label and gives a score in regards to both the amount of restoration (1 - 5) as well as the quality (A, B or C). A1 means slight restoration of excellent quality and C5 means extensive work of poor quality.

    Even an A1 restoration grade will impact the value of what's been slabbed. Most - and I stress most - collectors would take a lower universal grade over a higher restored grade. There is plenty of sales evidence to support this. 

    So there's a high likelihood that this lobby card as a universal 6.0 would be worth more 'as is' than if if was restored to a 7.5 (for example).

    If you're slabbing for protection and presentation then I'd say that's already been done. If you're looking for a higher grade to increase the card's worth then I'd advise caution as a purple restored label could hurt the card's value more than the current pinholes! :-)

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