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How much restoration would you order?

EisenhowerEisenhower Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 4,408 admin
edited May 2016 in Restoration
So I acquired this wonderful Daybill a few months ago, linenbacked it and was pondering if I should add a bit of restoration to it or cut it down as is. How would you proceed if it was your poster that you'd had backed? 

The poster below has two areas that I'm considering addressing. 
1- the last 2 letters in Fonda's name could use some red, and
2- there is a light blue line-from a printers defect I'm guessing-just right of his eye which extends to the edge of the poster. 

Please vote accordingly. Thanks for your participation! 

How much restoration would you order? 12 votes

Color in only Fonda's letters
Matt 1 vote
Color over the blue line
David 1 vote
Add some restoration to both areas
Charliebewdynewk 2 votes
Leave it alone! Don't touch it with any pencils or paints!! Let it show it's history!
HumphreyBogartPaulPanchoSventheartofmoviepostersHONDOstubpapergatherer 8 votes


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