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Glass Slides

Got some cool ones of these.



  • They used glass slides in Australia all the way to the present day (but like in the U.S., they started in the 1910s or earlier).

    I have auctioned a few Australian glass slides, and many thousands of U.S. ones.

    People have displayed them between two sheets of glass with a light source behind them (either in a frame or on a table top).

    You can still buy a projector that shows them on a wall!
  • Bruce said:

    You can still buy a projector that shows them on a wall!
    Great idea.

    Mark, get your torch and a camera...
  • Some are near impossible to photograph. I'd love to show one of The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle, but I'm struggling to get a shot.

    Others are in sets of 2 & 3 with lead up / teaser slides. Takes me back to the 1970's & '80s cinema experience when intermission was the norm.

  • Perhaps scan them?
  • Got it by holding at angle with frosted window behind. Will try scanning as could capture a whole range at once.

    Had the album (double from memory) of this as a teenager.

  • Very cool.
  • The ones that are solely glass (usually with black tape around the edges) we solely scan. The ones in cardboard holders we both photograph and scan.
  • Always thought these would make a fantastic wall display if they could be displayed and lighted properly.

    Nice stuff!

  • Just been given about 60 of these to sort through, some good, some bad, all pretty quirky.
  • And some more of the nicer ones.
  • Using an iPad as a lightbox works pretty well, chances are i'll get myself an A4 or A3 LED slimline lightpad and cover it in the nicer slides, then hold them in place with a sheet of acrylic sandwiched on top and fixed around the edges. 
  • A few more  B)
  • Very nice!
  • Last batch I promise! although it's very addictive once you figure out the best way to light them on the ipad (notepad screen/bright white with no writing) and pull all the curtains in the room. 

  • Right last batch, my turn to cook tea and my other half doesn't look happy after being sat with the lights out for the last hour+  =)
  • A few more for the pot! :) 

  • Almost there! :)

  • Yup, pretty cool.
  • Thanks David, most of them aren't worth a great deal, however i much like some of the additional text such as "Next Saturday, also rounders!" and the varrying degree of skill/effort in the colouring.
  • Yeah those 'snipes' make extra special
  • These are first rate, do you have a projector to look at them as they should be?

    I may get some myself, I at least have the projector...
  • Paul said:
    These are first rate, do you have a projector to look at them as they should be?

    I may get some myself, I at least have the projector...
    Not yet, if she's prepared to part with some of them, some of the attractive ones (Casino Royale, Genevieve, Exodus, Gungadin, L&H and Black Rock etc.) will be listed on my site, the others I will likely mount onto an LED A4 backlit tablet and make a kind of art exhibit for the hallway :) 
  • Nice idea, though I'll bet they look different projected..
  • Classic 1970s drive-in double bill. Never seen any posters.

  • Early classification slide. Probably adapted from British system. 

  • I LOVE IT!  Thanks for posting.
  • edited August 2020

    The Man From Snowy Riiver ( 1982 ) glass lantern slide produced for the Australian release.  I am wondering if there are any examples of glass slides that were used in Australia after this time?

    The Satin Girl ( 1923 ) and Bluebeard Jr. ( 1922 ) Australian glass lantern slides. Do any slide images exist for any films earlier than this I would like to know?

    The Satin Girl U.S.A. glass slide with a similar image used on the Australian slide. It is interesting that the only images I could find of this film at this time are glass slides.

  •  Carrie ( 1976 ),  Monster ( Humanoids From The Deep ) (1980 ), What The Peeper Saw ( 1972 ) and  Vampire Circus ( 1972 ).

     Rare R rated class lantern slide images  for four horror films that  I thought were worth a look.

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