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New Members, Please Introduce Yourself!

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Stay awhile and tell us about yourself and your hobby


  • Glad to be on board.  Thanks for the invite Matt.

    I have been collecting Eastwood film memorabilia since 1975, mainly posters.  In the past five years, since I have all the Eastwood posters I can find, I have seriously started collecting Loby cards / FOH sets.  Still looking for a set of 11x14 cards for Where Eagles Dare.  I know you have a set dog.

    I do however collect the odd, random poster along the way.  Most recent acquisitions are Grand Budapest Hotel UK Quads (both versions), Parkland UK Quad, Cinema Paradiso UK Quad (BFI Issue) and Stoker UK Quad.

  • Hahaha.....What???? I've got something Eastwood you haven't got. I'm lost for words, but then again WED is one of my fav films of all time.

    Thanks for joining up my friend.
  • Welcome Davy, WED is a top film indeed, seen it probably 1 dozen times voer the years.

    Would like to see that Cinema Paridiso Quad, one of my wife's fav movies
  • edited March 2014
    As requested - Beautiful UK quad for Cinema Paradiso

  • Have sent it on...thanks!
  • hello everyone. 

  • Hi Michael, where are you based?
  • Hey tell.
  • I'm in the United States. I just noticed the ad on MOPO so I joined up.

  • Great stuff, I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Home off the daybill.
  • Matt said:
    Great stuff, I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Home off the daybill.
    Home of the Daybill...that would be Sydney, where most of the printers were
  • Yeah, that's where they were born but most them moved to Melbourne to live. :P
  • Where is this place?
    Somewhere left of Thylacine?
  • edited April 2014
    Not far from where you left that zimmer-framed cougar of yours...


  • Welcome to the dark side......
  • Matt said:
    Welcome to the dark side......
    Man, I thought you liked our colour pallette.
  • Matt said:
    Welcome to the dark side......
    Man, I thought you liked our colour pallette.
    I do! That's what I meant. ;)
  • Jeezum crow...there's a drop-bear right above me...
    I didn't think there was room enough for two poster forums in Australia?
    Is that where I am right now?  Down Under?

  • It's a big country Ted! :D
  • Texas...  Ain't it obvious?
  • ...with BIG bugs, too, I hear.

    Best of luck with this new forum and I hope to be a frequent contributor.

  • BoooOOOooOooo!

  • edited April 2014
    Dario! Man some people have got questions in here for you.   8-}
  • Who's that, you scared the shit out of me. 

    Ohhh, it's you Dario!!!  YAY!!! 

    Welcome mate.
  • Questions already?

    Thanks Matt & David!

    Best of luck with the new forum.

    cento per cento support from Dario.


  • From Kenya, buying East African movie posters, mostly from the 50s-60s...
    New comer in movie poster, used to collect fine/urban art before but move because got tired of flipping mentality.

    Thanks for the invit Charlie !
    Wondering if I can follow numerous forums at the same time :p

  • Awesome stuff Boss, welcome.

    I've opened up a Topic for you to show and discuss and share your knowledge of posters from your region, I look forward to seeing them (I am into 50s posters so keen to see what the East African style looks like), just click on your region and away you go!

  • Welcome BB. I too am interested in seeing what you have.
  • somebody told me about this place. what a dump!
    I guess I'll stick around just to see how the other half lives.

    my name is Robby Robot and I'm an actor

    does anyone have an oil can?
  • Nice banner...good size too.  8->
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